Dr Fuat Güder

It operates with a healthy, safe and high quality service approach in every area designed with a spacious, comfortable and modern perspective, keeping the health, satisfaction and safety of our patients and their relatives in the foreground.

With our patient-oriented service approach, we solve all the needs of our patients in otorhinolaryngology and facial aesthetics in the most effective way, in accordance with ethical values. We have been treating our patients with all the possibilities of technology with our perspective that ensures patient satisfaction, which we have maintained for years. It makes a difference with its patient-oriented service approach in order to minimize the problems that patients experience or may experience in all treatment and care processes and to improve the quality of their living conditions.

We are with our patients 24 hours a day. You can always reach us on our website or on our 24-hour phones.

Professional Background
University of Wisconsin Medical School and Marsfield Clinic (USA)Bosphorus
Anatomica ENT Co-Founder
Bosphorus Anatomica 2006-2012 Chairman of the Board
Medient ENT Medical Center 2013-2018 Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Physician
Atrium Ear Nose Throat 2019 Founder, Chairman and Chief Physician
Own Clinic 2020-

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Dr Fuat Güder

Contracted Institutions

Our only priority is to work with health institutions and doctors who will provide the best and highest quality service to our patients. By trying to understand the patient’s demands in the best way, by choosing the most appropriate treatment method and the most appropriate health institution, leaving our country satisfied is our only success criterion.

For this reason, we continue to increase the value of our country in medical tourism by working with Turkey’s leading health institutions and doctors.

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